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Please take a few minutes to vote in our current poll. Failing to vote means NO WHINING about the direction KFH takes.

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Views: 276 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 25.Feb.12 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to the following members for their promotions:

KFH Jester0317 Colonel
D U I3 I3 Major
DungeonNDraqons Warrant Officer
LADY T T 420 Staff Sergeant
PA1N v2 First Lieutenant
Views: 271 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 20.Feb.12 | Comments (0)

This is the first update in ages. Apologies.

First up, long awaited promotions are in the works so expect to hear something in the next few days.

Next on the list is the KFH Invitational. This is an open recruitment for gamers to join KFH. More info can be found here

For visitors to this website that are interested in joining, hit up Diva Morits on Xbox Live directly.

Lastly, for those of you living under a rock, be sure to check out our YouTube page or do a search via the Xbox Live App for, well, obviously, KillasForHire.

Currently the following members are featured on our channel:
Diva Mortis
lDespised Icon
KFH Jester0317
PA1N v2
King R ... Read more »
Views: 278 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 18.Feb.12 | Comments (0)

We are pleased to announce promotions to:
 KFH Jester0317 (Chief Warrant Officer)
DIVINE ARMOR (Warrant Officer )
LADY T T 420 (Corporal)
x I B STROKIN x (Corporal)
King Rat 427 (Staff Sergeant)
Roster has been updated to reflect this.
Views: 338 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 19.Jul.11 | Comments (0)

In addition to our normal practice of Mons & Thurs, we are adding two more practice days to focus on single game modes.

Tues and Weds are the new nites for additional practice. The practice should last no longer than 1 hour to ensure we all get to relax and play video games.

Quick look at upcoming practices:
Thurs July 14 8p - Prematch practice
Thurs July 14 9p - Practice
Mon July 18 8p - Prematch practice
Mon July 19 9p - Practice
Tues July 20 9p - HQ practice
Wed July 21 9p - Sabotage practice
Thurs July 22 8p - Prematch practice
Thurs July 22 9p - Practice

All times are EST. Please adjust accordingly. ... Read more »
Views: 282 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 14.Jul.11 | Comments (0)

Behemoth XL (Tom) & KFH Jester0317 (Billy) are KFH's Match Coordinators, handling all challenges & matches set-up. Please let me know if your cell # can be given to them to help with match organization.
Views: 260 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 29.Jun.11 | Comments (0)

As were were eliminated from Playoffs we are on hiatus until June 2, 2011 @ 9p EST.

Our practices will remain Mondays and Thursdays at 9p EST. Please adjust accordingly for your timezone.

Practices will focus on
Search & Destroy
Capture The Flag

I will endeavor to make myself available in Black Ops during the following timeframes/modes:
Sundays 6-8p EST - Level up/Proing Perks/Domination
Mondays 8-9p EST - Capture The Flag/Headquarters
Tuesdays 8:30-10p EST - Capture The Flag/Demolition
Wednesdays 8:30-10p EST - Sabotage
Thursdays 8-9p EST - Search & Destroy

Season 3 on the Objectives Ladder starts June 6. I intend for us to have our first match of the season Thursday June 9.

Views: 304 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 23.May.11 | Comments (1)

Quick reminder to place your vote regarding King Rat's KFH membership by this Sunday!

Views: 374 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 14.Apr.11 | Comments (0)

The following challenges are issued by us:

Tues, March 15 @ 9:15p EST v iLLogical Gaming - Firing Range CTF
Thurs, March 17 @ 9:15p EST v TG_Jutland - Summit CTF

The following challenges are issued to us:

Sun, March 20 @ 9p EST v TG Shiloh - Grid S&D

Be sure to let me know which ones you are good for!
Views: 286 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 14.Mar.11 | Comments (0)

Congratulations on in-clan promotions to:
D U I3 I3 to Captain
CrimsonVengance to Chief Warrant Officer
PA1N v2 to Chief Warrant Officer
xxWARdamEAGLExx to Master Gunnery Sergeant
DungeonNDraqons to Master Gunnery Sergeant
KFH Jester0317 to Warrant Officer
DIVINE ARMOR to Staff Sergeant

Way to go guys!
Views: 296 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 14.Mar.11 | Comments (0)

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