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Congratulations to KFH Jester0317 for his promotion to Major General. Please feel free to congratulate him!

The Roster has been updated to reflect this change.

With the Generals having an even number of members, I, Diva Mortis, will be refraining from voting on anything requiring only the Generals votes. Instead will be offering insight and input. In the event a General does not vote and a tie is created, I will then vote to break the tie.

Views: 2428 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 30.Sep.14 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to Wolfy (WOLFZED420) on being voted Member of the Quarter!

Now Wolfy decides between $10 Amazon Gift Card or $10 Microsoft Money.

Feel free to congratulate him!

Thread showing voting results will remain up for a few weeks longer if anyone wants to see the results. Voting was done here.

Views: 2583 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 30.Sep.14 | Comments (0)

There is still one day left to vote for which game we play as a clan together. Please log in and go here to cast your vote!

Views: 1571 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 30.Sep.14 | Comments (0)

Congratulations to the following KFH members on their in-clan promotion.

vR D00M (Michael) promoted to First Lieutenant (1st Lt)
WOLFZED420 (Wolfy) to Corporal (CPL)
DeathlyMorbid (Josh) to Private First Class (PFC)
destroyer1488 to Private First Class (PFC)
J1hadJohnson (Snake) to Private First Class (PFC)
JOKERT81 (Jerry) to Private First Class (PFC)
OpTiC JzY to Private First Class (PFC)
Smiley808209 (Smiley) to Private First Class (PFC)
Wolfington38 to Private First Class (PFC)

View current roster and ranks here.

Views: 346 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 12.Sep.14 | Comments (0)

Head over to our forums and vote for the next game we play as a team.

Choices are:

Battlefield Hardline (March 2015)
Call of Duty: Advance Warfare (Nov 2014)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Dec 2014)

As always, the option to include a different game is available.

Views: 295 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 12.Sep.14 | Comments (1)

Please take a few minutes to go and vote for Member of the Quarter here.

Nominees are:


Option to vote for someone in KFH not listed.

Voting ends in two (2) weeks.

Views: 253 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 12.Sep.14 | Comments (0)

We are in Platinum Division and must win this one and one more Clan War to get to Diamond Division.

For Wed April 23 & Thur April 24, focus heavily on Blitz, HC TDM and HC KC.

Fri April 25 & Sat April 26, focus on TDM, KC and Domination.

Sun April 27 & Mon April 28 - TBA.

A few things to remember:

Two or more clan members playing together (win or lose) earns CXP - Clan Experience Points, leveling up KFH in Ghosts in general.

Each member that is on a winning team of any qualifying match during clan wars counts as a win for KFH. Different nodes require different amounts of wins.

Example: HC KC requires twelve (12) wins. Three (3) members of KFH are playing HC KC together and win a single (1) match. This would count as three (3) wins for KFH towards HC KC node.

Looking for people whom are good at S&D/S&R and/or want to learn it. Please message ... Read more »

Views: 4211 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 23.Apr.14 | Comments (0)

It was decided via voting that we should no longer play MW3 competitively. I apologize to members that are interested in matches.

This means our Thurs nite practice is cut. BUT our Mon nite practice is still on as we need to keep together as a team. Something that can only be done with playing together.

Mon nite practice attendance is expected of all members from General to Private, including our Boot Camp members.

Should more than four members show an interest in being competitive in MW3 again, we can easily rejoin the ladders and go full speed ahead!

Views: 1968 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 29.Mar.12 | Comments (0)

Our Open Invitational ends this week. Be sure to hit up Diva Mortis on Xbox Live if interested in joining.
Views: 3244 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 01.Mar.12 | Comments (0)

Be sure to drop by our forums and vote on the two possible new members. Voting ends Sunday.
Views: 364 | Added by: Diva_Mortis | Date: 01.Mar.12 | Comments (0)

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