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Killas For Hire (KFH) was built on fun and sportsmanship back in November 2005. To make things simple for members and players seeking membership into KFH here are the list of our rules.

General Code Of Conduct (Rules)

1. KFH clan members should remember to have fun! It is a GAME. If the game is not fun, think about why it is not fun for you and act accordingly.

2. KFH clan members will not cheat. This includes glitches, bots & hacks. Bring cheating to the attention of the Generals.

3. KFH clan members will always treat people fairly and act civil and human to friendly people.

4. KFH clan members will always respect clanmates. They have your back, you have their back.

5. KFH clan members should always portray excellent sportsmanship in their online gaming. Remember, every loss is a lesson, which may help you learn "not" to loose, in the future. This includes shooting up dead bodies, t-bagging, dancing, etc. Unless there is a friendly rivalry and both parties are in agreement. In addition, just for fun games are open season if continuously provoked.

6. KFH clan members will refrain from "Spawn Killing/Camping". This said, locking the other team into their respawn is appropriate. That is good strategy. In addition, should the opposition fail to keep their members in check and enter our respawn area twice (2 times), the gloves are off. Bring all spawn killing/camping to the attention of the room host and/or highest ranked member of KFH in the room you are playing in so they can get DA BOOT.

7. KFH clan members will if you are going to be gone a long time (over 3 weeks), be polite, post a message about it on the clan message board.

8. KFH clan members understand that if you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" messages with in 6 weeks, you will be taken off the Roster.

9. KFH clan members that have a dispute/problem with another member of KFH will bring it to KFH Freyja (Janna) and/or any of the other Generals.

10. KFH clan members understand that if in turn, if you are playing individuals that you do not believe are playing fairly, then bow out of the game in a distinguished manner. Make a note of the individual you feel was cheating, and simply avoid game play with that individual in the future. If you are getting your ass handed to you, do not accuse anyone of cheating hastily; some people really ARE that good! Game End - A quick, sportsmanlike "Good Game" is usually always appropriate at the end of a game. Whether it was actually a "Good Game" for you or not, this is generally good etiquette.

11. KFH clan members agree that when available in the game, KFH clan tag must be worn for official business such as practice/matches. KFH clan members that want to run amuck MUST remove clan tag from game and profile before being a jerk.

12. KFH clan members are welcome to change their Xbox live name to include KFH in it, but it is not required.

13. KFH clan members can't be in any other clans, guilds, squadrons, etc. on any game we play competitively.

14. KFH clan members will always play on the same team as one team, whenever possible.

15. KFH clan members try to support the clan & gaming community. Not everyone knows everything about online games, consoles or computers in general, and it is our responsibility as  - KFH clan members to help others out.

16. KFH clan members are grown thus no whining/gloating.

17. KFH clan members will have clanmates on their friends' list and try to spend time playing with each clanmate when possible.

18. KFH clan members are encouraged to vote on all issues/matters clan related. Most voting is a week long. However, deadlines will be given, when possible, regardless.

19. KFH clan members understand that KFH Freyja (Janna), as clan founder and leader, has final say in matters should the need arise.

20. KFH clan members have read & understand the rank structure of our roster.

20. KFH clan members will enjoy the game for the game. A win for a win.


1. Different games have different weapons, and usually in each game there is a weapon or two that is widely considered inappropriate because of its ability to disrupt the flow of the game (lag). Please shy away from these weapons as they become known to you. You are not prohibited from them, however please show good judgment and do not "abuse" them.

Recruitment/Joining KFH

1. By attempting to join KFH and/or joining KFH, it is agreed that you will abide by all the rules found here.

2. KFH rarely recruits new members. Should a KFH clan member think someone has what it takes to play with us as a team, please let the Generals know the person's Xbox Live name.

3. KFH will not induct a member that may have conflicts with an already existing member. Therefore, in the interest of maintaining "peace" throughout the clan, all new recruits will be subject to a 30 day probationary period, known as "Boot Camp". If a conflict exists, it is hopeful that it will come up within this time frame. At that time, the necessary measures will be taken. If you fit into our "member" type, this should never be a problem.

4. All candidates are voted upon twice (2 times) by KFH clan members. The first vote is to see determine eligibility. The second vote is after Boot Camp. If accepted, rank is automatically granted. Failure to attend 1/2 the practices during KFH Boot Camp without speaking to KFH Freyja first results in ineligibility for final vote.

5. KFH clan tag and post in profile may only be done once the first vote is taken and approved. Failing to pass the second vote requires removal of all KFH clan tags.

6. New recruits/candidates questions about KFH are welcomed.

7. No one under age 17 may join KFH. Proof of ID may be required.


1. KFH clan members will abide by all rules found on this page.

2. KFH clan members will wear the official game uniform if one exists for a game during matches & scrimmages.

3. KFH clan members are allowed to camp a spot. This is encouraged due to the type of games we play in which we hold positions. Spawn Camping is not allowed.

4. KFH clan members will be polite to the other team at all times. If KFH clan members need to vent, do it where the other team can not hear.

5. KFH clan members are encouraged to wish the other team good luck, etc. at the start of each map/match.

6. KFH clan members are encouraged to congratulate other team on their win.

7. KFH clan members are encouraged to tell other team good game regardless of outcome.

8. KFH clan members will notify all Generals via Xbox Live Messaging and the Private Message system on website of potential matches, scrimmages, practices including the other clan's contact info (Xbox Live name). The Generals, as a unit, will give final approval.

9. KFH clan members are encouraged to located matches & scrimmages.

10. KFH clan members are to notify the highest ranking person in KFH in the clan match and/or designated Match Leader if they see cheating. All cheating must be proved for official matches as per the Game Ladder System requirement.

11. KFH clan member(s) whom are the designated Match Leader(s) will submit all wins/losses to the Game Ladder System including pictures, video, etc.

12. Failure to show up for either of a game's 2 weekly practices makes you ineligible to play in matches the following week.


1. The Generals attempt to do monthly promotions. If no promotions are announced via Xbox Live Message and/or front page of KFH website, this means no one was eligible for promotion.

2. KFH clan members understand that if not promoted, the Generals welcome polite feedback.

3. KFH clan members are encouraged to congratulate clanmates on promotions.


1. KFH Freyja is not allowed to have too much caffeine or text while playing.

2. ExtremeZ400Race is not allowed to text/chat on phone with any crazy girl(s) while playing.

These rules may be amended at any time.

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