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Q. What does KFH stand for?
A. KFH stands for Killas For Hire

Q. Is KFH a new clan?
A. Nope. They have been around since November 2005.

Q. How big is KFH?
A. Right now KFH has about a dozen members. KFH trys to remain at under 60 members.

Q. How often does KFH recruit new members?
A. Once every few years KFH will allow in more than 5 new members at a time. KFH stays pretty close-knit and thus exclusive.

Q. Is there a large turnover in clan members?
A. No. Most members of KFH have been in KFH for a few years.

Q. Is KFH a tough clan to be in?
A. Nah. KFH is a democracy so everyone has a say in matters.

Q. Do I have to be the best at (game title here) to be in KFH?
A. Nope. KFH is about teamwork and comradery. With practice comes game skill.

Q. Will I be able to play every match?
A. Probably not. Clan members are chosen for matches by first volunteering for the particular match and then if they have played a previous match, will be on back-up on-call usually. Each clan member will have an opportunity to play at least one match per season KFH plays.

Q. Why does KFH have merchandise?
A. In the past, Janna (KFH Freyja) had fab jobs in which she could cover game costs/live memberships for clan members when absolutely needed. With personal funding limited, official KFH merchandise was introduced as a way to keep this option open for members needing a little help. In addition, use the contact form or contact Janna (KFH Freyja) directly to make a PayPal donation to this fund.

Q. What game is KFH playing?
A. Right now KFH is messing around on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 still.

More questions? Use the contact form.

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